Our aims in maths

At Sandhurst, we aim to instill a love of mathematics in all of our children, so that they can become confident and enthusiastic mathematicians who are willing to challenge themselves at every opportunity.

Maths equips children with a powerful set of skills; through the ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. At Sandhurst, we teach our children how they can use and apply their mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of contexts and, to understand that it is fine to make mistakes along the way. This, we believe, will ensure our children have essential life skills for later study and work.

The scheme we follow

All lessons in Key Stage 1 and 2 follow the National Curriculum objectives for mathematics. Teachers use this as the basis for their lessons along with resources from the White Rose Maths Scheme to ensure whole school consistency and clear progression. Maths topics are taught in blocks throughout the year, which aim to build confidence and encourage depth of learning. Where possible we make cross curricular links with other subject areas to encourage children to apply their maths knowledge within real life and practical contexts.

 Our approach

Daily maths lessons ensure that children are taught with a strong emphasis on developing fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills. We develop children’s learning across all areas of maths through a variety of approaches

How we teach maths concepts

Initially, we provide children with practical equipment to secure their early understanding of mathematical concepts. Children are given lots of opportunities, including outdoors, to discuss, explore, practise and apply mathematical concepts using hands on resources and IT. As their learning progresses, children will use both pictorial and written methods as outlined in our whole school calculation policy.

How we develop children’s mathematical skills

We have a strong focus on developing fluency in arithmetic skills. All children work through Maths Passports which provide a step by step mental maths progression from Reception to Year 6. We link this learning in fluency to reasoning and problem solving, which is integrated into every maths lesson. Careful questioning not only draws out children’s understanding but moves them on to think about their next steps. Children in every year group are exposed to open ended problems that require creativity along with mathematical understanding and this, we feel, enables them to see themselves as mathematicians.

How we include all learners in maths

At Sandhurst, we are an inclusive school, that is creative in supporting children to access the learning in class. In Maths, we set ‘Chilli Challenges’ where children have the opportunity to progress within every lesson, whatever their ability, by moving up the varying levels of Chilli Challenge.

We have a whole school policy of ‘Effective Teacher Feedback’, which encourages children to take responsibility for their own learning and identify mistakes through rapid teacher feedback. Maths interventions are fluid and rapid, ensuring that children’s misconceptions are dealt with as soon as possible after the lesson. Our approach is reflective and we encourage children to talk about their maths learning and identify their successes and the areas in which they need to improve.

All classes use ‘maths working walls’ which children can refer to as a prompt for their learning. These are also an interactive maths space where children can respond to maths problems or pose questions related to the topic they are learning.

How we assess children’s learning

Regular ongoing and end of term assessments takes place to ensure all children make strong progress. Through careful curriculum planning, children revisit concepts regularly to ensure they develop a deep and meaningful understanding of mathematics.

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