The History of our School

A school called Sandhurst Road School was first opened on the Sandhurst site in 1896 to provide education for those living on the Corbett Estate, newly built by Archibald Cameron Corbett following the opening of Hither Green Station. The present building was opened on 30th June 1904.

In 1943 during the Second World War a German bomber dropped its bomb load on Sandhurst School. Thirty-eight children and six teachers were killed and more than 60 children and staff were injured. Half of the school building was destroyed and rebuilding was completed in the late 1940’s. To mark this occasion, we have a commemorative window at the entrance to the school and a memorial garden in the corner of the playground. Each year, on the anniversary of the bombing, we hold a remembrance assembly. We also receive visitors to the school and the memorial garden.

The Week We Went to War The Sandhurst School Bombing

80th Anniversary and Remembrance Events 

On Friday 20th January 2023 it was the 80th anniversary bombing of our school. During the day we welcomed friends and family to join us at various events to help us remember and reflect. Children from Year 4 who are learning about the war spoke with visitors in school as well as sharing their understanding and artwork. We had a memorial service at our local church, St Andrews the Apostle Church, with Father Lindsay, for those who were killed and their families and friends.

Remembering With Our Community in School

We welcomed friends and families from our community into school to share stories, experiences and take time to reflect upon the events. Year 4 have been learning about World War II and they shared their artwork and in return were able to discuss the real life experiences with the friends and families.

St Andrew’s Church Service 

Father Lindsay and the staff of St Andrew’s Church, Ms Ashbee and Mr Bland helped us to have a very special remembrance service. There were music pieces performed, singing and readings from the children and staff.


War can never be a good thing.

Tolerance, love and respect are the most important things we must learn.

We are here today to remember the tragic event at Sandhurst School, 80 years ago, when a bomb was dropped on our school, killing 38 pupils and 6 teachers.

Nobody can quantify the devastation that caused and the heart ache for so many, the families, the survivors and the whole community.

While we remember this event, we must also be mindful the war is not only in history books. Sadly, war still goes on but we are proud, at Sandhurst, to offer a safe haven, to many pupils today, that have also experienced war. Let us remember them and their families too. 

Reflecting at the Cemetery

This online article has further information and recollections of the event.

The Bombing of Sandhurst Road School