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Newsletter 6th May 2022
Newsletter 29th April 2022
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Newsletter 1st April 2022

Gala Photos

South London Girl Footballs

Newsletter 25th March 2022
Lewisham Spring Programme Flyer
Newsted Youth Fitness Flyer
Newsted Adult Flyer


Newsletter 18th March 2022
Platinum Jubilee Primary School Menu Competition Leaflet
Spontaneous Productions Leaflet One Two
 Newsletter 14th March 2022
Newsletter 11th March 2022
Tech Safety for Parents Leaflet
Survey Information for Parents and Carers School Health
Boom TV Leaflet
Easter Football Camp Leaflet
Newsletter 4th March 2022
Sandhurst Pizza Evening Event
Pizza Evening Information


Newsletter 25th February 2022
Sandhurst Dates 
Parent Courses
Parenting Support
Platinum Jubilee Menu Competition
Migration Museum Flyer


Newsletter 10th February 2022
Newsletter 2nd February 2022 COVID School Update
Newsletter 28th January 2022
Football Camp Half Term Flyer
Newsletter 24th January 2022 COVID School Update


Newsletter 21st January 2022


Newsletter 17th January 2022 COVID School Update
Newsletter 14th January 2022
Lewisham Educational Psychologist Connect Flyer
Newsletter 6th January 2022


Newsletters Autumn Term 2021

Newsletter 10th December 2021
Newsletter 3rd December 2021
Radish Apron Competition Flyer
Newsletter 26th November 2021
SandTots Christmas Party
Lewisham Music
COVID Update 
Newsletter 19th November 2021


Newsletter 12th November 2021
Oral Health Sessions for EYFS
Newsletter 5th November 2021
Newsletter 31st October 2021
Newsletter 22nd October 2021
St Andrews Concert
Bonfire Menu 
Bonfire Menu Special Diets
Newsletter 15th October 2021
Year 6 BLM Artwork
Stanley Sports Academy Flyer
Newsletter 8th October 2021
BHM Sing A Book Workshop Flyer
Newsletter 1st October 2021
Events for parents with children with SEND


Newsletter 24th September 2021
Census Day Menu
Lions Football Flyer
Newsletter 17th September 2021
Approaches to Positive Parenting
Discussion Groups for Positive Parenting


Newsletter 10th September 2021


Newsletter 3rd September 2021


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